Let’s fly, fly away! We all love to travel and we count the days for the next holiday but sadly with plane travel, there is this uncomfortable side-effect, that can ruin our much awaited-for holidays. It’s that feeling as we get off our red-eye flight, yes that horrible feeling, of being disorientated, drowsy, stickyand tired. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know how to make our flight more comfortable?

Surviving Coach or Economy Class

The sad truth is 90% of us have to travel in coach or economy; we are not part of this elite class that gets pampered in first class. But there’s hope, here’s some hints to make your flight comfortable. 1) Rest up before traveling; the night before the big trip, make sure you have a good night’s rest, it will make all the difference in how we feel. 2) Take in fluids such as water and more water. The airline cabin has an unnatural low humidity level, which leads to dehydration and that leads to exaggerated jet lag. 3) Sterilize your seating area, this might sound weird, but do you really want be sitting in someone else’s germs for your flight? So, bring some baby wipes and wipe down anything that you will touch, it will prevent you from getting sick and give you peace at mind.

What to Wear

We cannot always control where we will sit when flying but we can control what we wear. Choose clothes that allow you to move freely in and that will breathe while you are on the plane. Avoid clothes that are tight and heavy because the seat is already restrictive enough, you don’t need to feel confined in your own clothes too. Wear items with elastic waists and items made with stretchy fabrics. These will be the most comfortable when you have to travel. Also, wear layers; it is always better to take it off than to be freezing on a long haul flight. The most important way to make travelling more comfortable is to take your shoes off, as soon as the plane takes off. If you are embarrassed about the slight odour from your shoes, bring a plastic bag and another pair of socks and slip your shoes into the plastic bag and store in the overhead compartment and put the clean socks over your other socks and voila! Now, just stretch out and enjoy your flight. Click here.

Some other helpful hints

One helpful hint, when you arrive to your seat, set yourself up, take the time to organize your things you plan to use during the flight. Get out any electronic devices, such as tablets, laptops and snacks, books, etc., that you plan to use and place in the pocket in front of you. This way you will have easy access to the items during the flight and you will not have to look for themlater on.  Also, travel light, if you do have carry-ons, try and store as much of your carry-ons as possible in the overhead department, instead of storing under the seat in front of you. This will allow you the much-neededlegroom, just to stretch out and enjoy your flight. One of the best investments to make to be comfortable when we travel is a good travel pillow. It will become our best friend on the plane.

These helpful hints will help us arrive to our destination feeling more refreshed and ready to enjoy our holiday. They may not completely eliminate the effects of jet lag caused from traveling but they will make our flight more comfortable. So whatever our travel plans may be, let’s fly, and fly away in comfort!

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