How to Stay Safe Abroad in Uncertain Times

Traveling overseas can be a daunting task, especially to first time travelers. While there are many things to take into consideration before you leave home, there are plenty of ways to ensure you stay safe when traveling abroad. The following are five things to consider when traveling abroad to help keep you safe and to get you back home without a hitch.

Tip One: Do Not Advertise You Are a Tourist

Even though you did go on vacation or travel abroad to site see – adverting you are a tourist can lead to some serious problems in certain parts of the world. Get Abroad flight tips at

Try not to walk around with a travel guide in your hand or a large camera around your neck. Instead be prepared before you ever leave your hotel and know where you are going and familiarize yourself with the lay of the land before you embark on a trip. Sure you are going to want pictures to remember the sites and capture the landmarks, but instead of carrying a large bulky and expensive camera, it is recommended to carry a slimmer pocket size camera which can easily fit into a pocket or be worn safely around your wrist.

Tip One: Dress Conservatively

Various parts of the world have extremely different views on how people dress, especially women Travellers. While it is completely appropriate for women in some countries to wear bikinis or shorts, in other countries this is extremely frowned upon. Research the country you are visiting before you travel, so you can be better educated on the culture and appropriate dress. Always avoid obvious signs of wealth by not wearing large items of jewelry or expensive shoes and purses which could make you a vulnerable target for robbery

How to Stay Safe Abroad in Uncertain Times

Tip Three: Check the News

Certain parts of the world are constantly in turmoil and can be dangerous to travel in. If you do find yourself in a country where war or danger is prevalent, make sure to stay at a hotel which has access to local news. Watching the local news and reading the newspapers before you leave the hotel room will give you up to date information on what is happening and allow you be better informed.

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Tip Four: Know What to Places to Avoid

Know what places of the town to avoid going to altogether. Certain night clubs, bars and other public places may be extremely dangers and allow you to be more vulnerable. There are also certain places of religion which you should be aware of which do not allow foreigners to enter, so be aware of your surroundings and know where you are, and more importantly are not, welcomed.

Tip Five: Be Aware of What You are Photographing

Even though the architecture or image may be beautiful, it does not mean it is safe to take a picture of it. Be cautious when taking pictures of governmental buildings, banks, churches, and people who do not give you permission to take their pictures. Try to limit your pictures to items in nature or of the people you are with. Many countries do not like pictures of their buildings being taken by foreigners and find this to be suspicious behavior.


Traveling abroad has gotten a lot safer for people over the years, but still requires a lot of planning and precaution. By following these five simple rules you can rest assured you will be less likely to stand out as a tourist and to enjoy your trip without any incident. It is always recommended to travel with other people when taking a trip abroad and to let people at home know where you are going before you leave the country. Ensuring someone at home knows you are leaving the country will allow for a contact in case something does go wrong and you need to reach someone at home.


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