Longing to travel and don’t know what excuse to use next? Let us add a few more to your arsenal. Modern science strongly supports the idea that travel has real, tangible benefits that can positively affect traveller’s minds and outlooks on life. Below, we look at a few of these in more detail.

Why do people benefit from travel?

The access to new vistas and perspectives has long been one of the driving benefits of travel. As well as refreshing minds that have gotten stuck in the rut of daily routine, travel offers exposure to new routines, cultures and scenery. This makes for great water cooler conversation after you are back, but it can be difficult to imagine how it can affect the core of who you are. Do these benefits actually impact who you are and how you look at the world, however? Science would appear to say yes. Travel can have a tangible impact on several facets of your personality, mostly in positive ways.

Travel will make you a steadier person.

Emotional stability is a vital part of a health personality. Known colloquially as coping skills, the ability to shift and adapt with changing circumstances is critical for a balanced mind. Travel can significantly boost these same coping skills simply by thrusting the traveler into situations where they cannot fall back on the familiar. You are required to adapt to the situation as it is at the time, and this in turn assists with your personal development. It also exposes the traveller’s to situations and world dilemmas the put their own issues into significant perspective. The next time you feel like a mini-meltdown over the wrong vending machine snacks, you may be reminded that there are people in the world with no access to clean water daily, and be reminded of how lucky you really are. This contributes significantly to balancing your personality and making you a more stable person emotionally.

Travel will help you interact with people.

This doesn’t necessarily mean travel will turn you into an overnight extrovert, but by creating situations where you become comfortable with others of different backgrounds, beliefs and thought patterns travel can make communication easier. It can also give you a more optimistic slant on the world and its people. This in turn tends to contribute towards you becoming a more agreeable, kinder matured person by bolstering compassion and a wider worldview.

Travel may help you become more conscientious.

This doesn’t work for everyone, but travel does create an environment in which completing set tasks and sticking to a schedule becomes necessary. It also gives you the adrenaline and excitement of new vistas, firsts and experiences, encouraging a quick and active mind. Of course, it also encourages you to be aware of your surroundings and always behave in a manner that’s conducive to your safety and the safety of your belongings.

Overall, the long-term positive effects of travel have long been felt- but they are now becoming more studied and accepted in the mainstream scientific arena.

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