Six Things to Make a Long Flight More Comfortable

While flying is convenient and allows for international travel, being on an extremely long flight can be extremely tiring both physically and mentally. Flying home for the holidays or overseas for a business trip does not have to result in a dreaded flight, but can actually be something to look forward too.

The following guidelines can help your next long flight be much more comfortable and as painless as possible, not just for you but for your fellow travelers who no longer have to deal with you fidgeting in your seat or complaining of back pain from sitting too long.

Tip One: Plan Ahead

Long flights are the perfect time to catch up on sleep or work. However, not being properly prepared can lead to a lot of problems. If you are planning to work on your laptop, make sure to have the computer fully charged before getting on the plane. And if you are planning to sleep, bring a travel pillow to help brace your head and neck during the long can also find a relaxing cottage by visiting while you are traveling.

Six Things to Make a Long Flight More Comfortable

Tip Two: Think Entertainment

There is nothing worse than being halfway into your flight and finding boredom sinking in. Make sure to bring along plenty of items to entertain yourself while traveling. Some flights offer free in-flight movies, but even if yours does not, there are plenty of other ways to beat the boredom blues:

  • An Ipod, MP3 player or other music device
  • A portable DVD player
  • A Gameboy, Nintendo D.S. or other portable video gaming system
  • Magazines
  • Books

Tip Three: Minimize

Minimize the amount of carry-on luggage you bring with you. This will help eliminate the headache of trying to find room for larger bags, give you more leg room, and make traveling easier.

Tip Four: Snack Attack

When hunger hits make sure you have some snacks handy. Your flight may offer you a free soda and small bag of pretzels, but you will have to pay a lot of money if you wish to eat or drink more than that. Before you get on the airplane make sure to stock up on drinks and snacks from the airport. Try bringing protein bars, peanuts, and other snacks higher in protein to help keep you full. Bringing snacks for the kids will also keep them occupied and happy.

Tip Five: Move

Even though you are stuck on an airplane and have restricted space, you can still get out of your seat and move around. This is especially important on long flights to help prevent stiff muscles and poor circulation. There are even exercises you can do in your seat to help encourage circulations:

  • Arm stretches
  • Point and flex your toes
  • Draw the alphabet with your toes

There is also plenty of room in the back of the plan to stand up and do some stretches.

Tip Six: Drink Water

The air in airplanes is very dry and during long flights it is easy for one to get dehydrated and start to feel sick or get a headache. Drink plenty of water before the flight and especially during the flight, to help ward off dehydration and in-flight illness. Most airlines will be very accommodating, especially on longer flights, to bring you free water. Some airlines even have small cups and a water faucet in the back of the airplane near the bathroom where you can help yourself to water anytime during the flight.


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